The Ten Most Haunted Places….

Okay, so there’s way more than ten. But here’s a list of ten that stood out the most.

1. Screaming Tunnel in Ontario, Canada. This creepy, arched stone way tunnel runs underneath railroad lines, those connecting Niagara Falls to Toronto and New York City. The legend goes that if you enter the tunnel at midnight armed with a match, you’d best bring along a healthy dose of courage. The match will go out and a girl’s screams will surround you, echoing in the dark.

2. Going off to college? Want to add a little spice to the adventure? Ohio University is your destination. Located in Athens, Ohio, the campus is surrounded by five cemeteries in a perfect pentagram pattern, and the administration building sits right at the center. Jefferson Hall is famous for ghost sightings.

3. How about a trip abroad? Edinburgh, Scotland offers a spectacular medieval castle where ghosts still linger, trapped in prison cells. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Mary’s King Close, once a busy street, has fallen into disuse since spirits claimed it as their own. Victims of the plague were quarantined here, and eventually entombed as well. Edinburgh offers a little variety in apparitions too, including ghostly dogs and a headless drummer.

4. Next we’ll take a trip down under to Whepstead House in Wellington Point, Queensland. Numerous ghosts inhabit this old building, which served as a private hospital for decades. Not everyone was discharged, including a boy with a withered leg who haunts the staircase, and an elderly gentleman sporting a suit and bowler hat.

5. The Forbidden City in Beijing, China, is not only home to the Palace Museum, but also a steady stream of ghosts who parade in groups: sometimes ladies, other times eunuchs.

6. Now on to Germany, where we’ll visit Wolfsegg Castle in Bavaria. This 14th century structure is home to a ghostly “White Woman” who still inhabits the ancient stone walls.

7. Wikipedia claims that Renyle House Hotel in Galway, Ireland is “haunted by former anonymous remaining guests.” Hmm. Wonder how many ghosts actually rise above the identification status of anonymous?

8. Let’s head to South Africa next to the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town. The Dutch East India Company inhabited this 17th C. battlement, where soldiers still pace the towers, including one who ended his own life there, hanging himself in the bell tower.

9. The last two hauntings describe my favorite settings for my ghostly novels: libraries and mental asylums. One of the most famous is right here in the U.S. – Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana. A classic Gothic Victorian, the library has been the focus of numerous paranormal investigations, all trying to snap a shot of The Grey Lady. Ghost cams are actually set up throughout the building, and you can hope for a glimpse of her yourself here:

10. Our final destination is the site of my next ghostly romance, Spirits of the Heart. Talcott Hall is now abandoned, enclosed by chain link fence on the grounds of the defunct Middletown Psychiatric Hospital in Middletown, N.Y. Although there are no documented ghost sightings I could locate, this video shows the building in all its ghoulish glory: Is Talcott Hall haunted? You’ll have to wait to find out in Spirits of the Heart, coming later this year.


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