My Favorite Season

Happy Fall! fall-leaf-cutoutI’m thrilled to post my first blog on SMP Author’s website, and at my favorite time of year. There are lots of reasons why I love this season the best: the crisp chill in the air, the brilliant color show nature provides, not to mention the fun of Halloween. I’m odd, I know, but it’s true—Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. This year I look forward to a trip from colorful New England to sunny Florida to spend the weekend with family, including my three-year-old grandson.

IMG_1762But there’s more to my fascination with Halloween than just costumes, candy, and children’s laughter. I’m a wannabe ghost hunter, a true believer in them, those lost spirits of people who’ve passed, but never made it through the elusive door to the next realm. Which is why, I suppose, I love writing about them. Romance with a ghostly twist, I call…

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