Multiple Personality Disorder—or Pen Names

banner-982162_640I am often asked this question: “All of your nonfiction (magazine features, essays, memoir) were published under your real name. Why did you choose to write fiction under a pseudonym?” It’s a simple answer, and yet quite a complex one. The more I’ve pondered on the subject, the more the real answers rise to the surface.

My knee-jerk response is, “I work for a prestigious university, and am often cited on scientific journal papers and grant proposals. My fiction has to be under a different name.” This seems logical. But honestly, what are the chances that a high-brow research scientist reading a paper in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology will see my name in the credits and think (lips pursed, shaking their head), “Oh, I know her! She writes sexy romance, too. Tut-tut.”

Possible, but not likely. I know, I’m probably profiling here, but most of the research professionals…

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