Down The Rabbit Hole: A Vortex of Swirling Colors


Yup, that’s what it’s like. Whenever I start on a new book, birth a new story concept, my left brain keeps trying to tell my right brain what to do. Research, it says. Research! Research! Research!

Yeah, well, that’s what I do in my day job, so should I be surprised? But it really is amazing what a little researching, i.e., Googling, can do for that right brain muse.

For example: who knew there was actually a name for the phobia, “fear of visual art”? Well, there is. It’s called sportaldislexicartaphobia. Not sure I can say it, but then again, I live a mile or two from Lake Chaubunagungamaug, which I know I can’t pronounce. So we’ll stay with “fear of visual art,” and “Webster Lake.”owl-1791700_1280

Suffice it to say that before any of the real writing begins on this next Haunted Voices Novel, there will be lots and lots of research. I’m a stickler when it comes to factual accuracy—at least insofar as one who is definitely NOT an expert. I just have to be careful that I don’t waste so much time on fact-finding that I lose sight of my true, end-goal—another creepy, scary, thrilling ghost tale with a love story intertwined.


I’ve gotten so far as to be able, though, to give you some clues. My heroine is a DNA analyst. She suffers from a phobia—that big long word I referenced above, i.e., fear of visual art.

My hero is a museum curator.

Now doesn’t that couple have potential for a match made in heaven?

Science and Art. As disparate as the concepts may seem, there is synchronicity: DNA forms the backbone of each individual human being, just as pigments define the architecture of an old master’s painting.woman-1283009_640

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