Are you ready for itcher?


I am SO excited to bring to you news about a wonderful new app tool that will make your life so much easier! How many times have you spent minutes, maybe even hours looking for & picking out your next movie, TV show, music choice, or book? Valuable, precious time when you could have been watching, listening or reading?

This happens to me all the time, especially with books, because I consume them at such an unbelievable rate. What’s most disappointing, however, is when I’ve spent all that time, made my best choice, and then discover—drat! This isn’t what I was looking for!



Well now, there’s an app for that. It’s called itcher.

So, what exactly is “itcher”? Here’s what the company’s bio states:

“itcher is a book recommendations app that helps you find your next favourite book in less than 50 seconds. You can download it on iOS, Android or check out it out on Web.”

I wanted to know more! I figured he best way to get valid information about this exciting new app was to go to the source: the Itcher people themselves. They were kind enough to grant me an interview. Here’s what I found out:

Claire: The Itcher App is described as an entertainment assistant. Can you elaborate on that? Exactly what can Itcher help me do?


Itcher: itcher can help you discover more entertainment you love. The itcher app is a one stop shop for recommendations, lists and links to buy your favorite titles. In that sense, it’s your personal entertainment assistant, on hand ready to recommend new titles and also show you where to buy them. It’s what the entertainment world has been waiting for!

Claire: What are the entertainment categories Itcher can help me with?

Itcher: Movies, TV shows, books, music and games – everything entertainment lovers adore!

Claire: Why the name “Itcher”? Can you describe how the company chose this particular moniker?

Itcher: Well, we like to say that our app is the perfect thing for when you’re ‘itching’ to find a new great book or watch your next favorite movie!

Oops, my bad. Guess I need to drop the capital “I” from here on in . . .

Claire: The itcher App description claims to recommend entertainment selections based on the user’s personal taste. How does it do that?

itcher: We’re glad you asked! itcher works by matching users to like-minded users and using the power of the community to generate new recommendations. That means if people with very similar taste to you have all rated a book with 5 stars, you’re likely to be recommended that book too. It’s the app equivalent of your friends all recommending you something, only much more accurate as itcher learns exactly what you like.

Claire: Once itcher knows what kind of books I like to read, will these choices automatically influence the other categories, such as movies, TV shows, & music? Or is each category evaluated separately?


itcher: Each category is evaluated separately, but when you sign up to itcher, you’ll automatically be signed up to our newsletter, where we sometimes recommend TV shows based on your taste in movies and vice versa.

Claire: Once I’ve decided on a book or movie on the itcher app, does itcher sell or rent me the title? Or does it just direct me to where it can be found?

itcher: itcher will direct you to where it can be found. For movies, you might be able to stream with one click, if the title is available via Netflix or Amazon. For books, you’ll be linked to the book on Amazon so you can purchase that new title and get reading!

Claire: What does itcher cost? Is there a fee for me to choose a title through the itcher app?

itcher: itcher is totally free! There are no fees for signing up, nor are there any fees for buying a title via itcher.

Thank you, itcher associates, for visiting my blog today!

Wow . . . so you know the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” WRONG. Not when it comes to this amazing new app, itcher. I’m looking forward to finding my next great movie, TV show, or book—whatever entertainment format I’m “itching” for—from this new tool.

Thank you, itcher associates, for helping me turn all my blog followers and fans about this nifty innovation.

You can find itcher at the Apple app store or Google Play. Find out more at


Claire Gem is an award-winning author of contemporary romance, women’s fiction, & supernatural suspense. Find out more about her books at her Website or Amazon Author Page.

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